Function Spaces

50-Nations Banquet Hall

Positioned up at the Boat Deck (Deck 6), this hall comprises an air-conditioned Section which if desired can be transformed into a breezy venue for tropical- night themed events like Hawaiian and Keroncong Nights.

There is also an alfresco deck that offers a top-of-the-world feeling. Complete with a little dance floor, this place is perfect for pre-dinner receptions and late-night cocktails.

Concert Deck

Right at the very tip of our Anchor Isle, flanked by our two swimming pools, this deck resembles a promontory and has played host to countless dinner parties, praise & worship sessions and the like. Late night chillouts here have almost always ended in the wee hours of the morning.

By the way, this place offers an unhindered view of the glorious Bintan sunsets.

Beach Club

Since we do not have a beach per se, we did the next best thing; we brought the beach up. Our Beach Club boasts of a sand-floor and is just the place for a blast- from-the-past Shindig Beach Party. Those of us of the right vintage would likely not wonder why we are considering renaming this place “Elvis Shindig Club”. Come on… let’s do some slicing sand.

Captain’s Table

This is a private dining facility just outside of our Club Lounge at Deck 5.

Meet up with our team to craft a menu of your liking with wine pairing if you like, and dine with our Captain in intimate fashion, complete with live music and dancing if that is your heart’s desire. After dinner, over wine and cigars, be mesmerized by the tales of our “ancient mariner”.


With seating for about eighty, spread over five tiers stretching up and out to sea, movies, music and corporate videos etc. are projected onto the ship’s side, creating a surreal effect, complete with sea breeze, starlight, and moonlight.

Check with our crew for the numerous other locations on board and on land that can play host to your events, big and small.

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