The Ship and I

This is the title of the book that Eric wrote to not only chronicle the long journey that he, his family, and crew undertook to bring the project of Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel to fruition, but to also share the whys and wherefores of the project.

Written in a style that take the reader along that journey, oft with the personification of the ship, Eric added a secondary title to the book:  “The Ship and I – In Pursuance of the Grand Old Lady of the Seas”.

A remarkable journey with many ups and downs, this book is written such that the reader can finish the reading in just one or two sittings.

“Supplement” the reading with a visit to the ship hotel and listen in person to Eric’s sharing of the Doulos Phos Story complete with a tour of the ship’s innards, and of course the facilities around our Anchor Isle.

Book A Cabin

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